_Kulturzentrum "Arte de Obra": Virtueller Rundgang
Erstellung eines international-englischsprachigen Virtuellen Rundgangs für das Kunst und Kulturzentrum Arte de Obra auf Lanzarote

Image "Arte de Obra is a living and evolving project run by Bettina Bork. Bettina, while being a student of Lanzarote's most famous artist Manrique, fell in love with Lanzarote. Many years later she was able to begin fullfilling her dream. Bought as a derelict building, Bettina turned the Arte de Obra Centre of Culture into what it is now, a place for people from different cultures to meet and experience international integration in workshops and seminars ...

There are times when it's quiet in Arte de Obra ... and this is when Bettina and Christine welcome "tourists" to Arte de Obra. Five rooms, all named by colours, are available; two of them make a lovely self contained apartement. And, in all honesty, renting the rooms out helps Bettina funding her idea of connecting people.

No, this virtual tour does not reproduce Arte de Obra as it is. Yes, this tour does give you an honest impression of Arte de Obra but changes to the building, the rooms, and the outfit will happen and they occur on purpose as Bettina is developing Arte de Obra further all the time ..."

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